How to write a strong college essay in 5 steps

Whether your college essay is considered a personal statement, admissions, application, or coursework assignment content, there are basic steps you can follow to help you craft a strong essay. You need to have a good understanding of your audience and their expectations. This will help you write your paper using the right details to make your essay engaging and reader-friendly. The following simple steps can help you get started writing your essay.

  1. 1. Select a good topic to write about. When you have the opportunity to choose a topic consider something that will motivate you to write. Sometimes you can review a list of college essay topics to get inspired to write. If you are given a topic you may need to consider its pros and cons. Think about how you want to write about it based on what you know and what you want the audience to know.

  2. 2. Write notes on ideas and concepts you want to mention. When you know your topic you can take time to think about what you should mention. This will depend on your audience and the purpose of the essay. If it is for admission purposes or acts as a personal statement consider details about your skills and goals that make you unique.

  3. 3. Make an outline based on your notes. Use your notes to help you create the layout necessary for your work. The outline may have questions you need to answer regarding supporting details. Your outline allows you to look at your assignment from a different perspective. You break up the essay into smaller sections that allow you to focus on getting your content in order.

  4. 4. Write your rough draft and revise content. Start putting your ideas into solid sentences and paragraphs. You can determine what information you need to include and where it should appear. Your introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs come together based on your findings. You may find it helpful to write more than one rough draft. This helps you view your content altogether while determining what to omit and simplify.

  5. 5. Proofread, edit, and double check guidelines. After writing your final draft, go back over content and compare it to assignment guidelines. Does your information meet requirements or do you need to make changes? Check for errors in spelling, grammar, and word usage.

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