Marriage and Afterlife


In the ancient times, marriage, also referred to as matrimony, was a social event that insinuated cohabitation without any legal binding. It was treated as a union between two persons of the opposite gender. However, in the contemporary society, marriage has been under constant evolution. Though it was perceived as a union between two disparate genders, it has gradually lost that originality to an extent that the society is progressively accepting same sex marriages. Marriage was perceived as a means of preserving power and influence with members of the ruling rank. This paper seeks to evaluate the marriage institution and the life after.

Marriage institution

Marriage is preceded by courtship which is the period that comes before engagement and marriage. It is in courtship that the couple knows each other and decides whether the relationship can graduate to marriage. It could be a private matter between the two individuals or public affair which has the consent of both families. It is predominantly construed that males woo females with intention of marriage while the converse is perceived socially abhorred.

Once married, the two individuals become bound to each other. Each is obliged to play a vital role to ensure the stability of marriage. It is imperative to note that marriage is viewed differently by various religions. Christians do not advocate for divorce unless the threshold of divorce as explained in Mathew 19 is met. It is necessary to put a disclaimer here that God never ordained divorce, man did. In Islam, divorce is classified into three: talaq, lian, and khula. In both religions, divorce could happen under infidelity.

Marriage and challenges are correlated. Regrettably, most of the young people approach marriage with an ideal mind. They think that marriage is trouble-free. Challenges have to be experienced in marriage and the couple has to devise ways of solving them without involving the outsiders. Openness, trust and honesty are pillars that need to be strongly cultivated to ensure a strong bond.

After life

The questions that linger in most people’s minds are whether marriage will be celebrated posthumously. No one has an absolute answer to this question. However, marriage is bound by the realities of the mortal life. Procreation is an act of mortal life, medical insurance, and payment of bills. However, the spiritual bondage that happened in the mortal life will continue forever since marriages are consummated in the spiritual world.

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