Cause and effect essay topic suggestions

One of the great things about a cause and effect essay is that the structure is well known before you start. It's also the type of essay where you, the student, are given free reign. Once the topic is selected, how you go about making the case for your cause and effect essay is entirely up to you. Many students enjoy this type of essay writing. Some even think it is good fun. It is certainly a test of your ability to mount an argument and once you get a topic which is to your liking, the world is your oyster.

Here are some cause and effect essay topic suggestions.

  • junk food is bad for you
  • global warming is dangerous
  • sensible and regular exercise pays dividends
  • illegal drugs are dangerous
  • chopping down forests is a dumb idea
  • the Internet can do real harm

When it comes to arguing that junk food is bad for you, it is easy to find a great deal of data on the ingredients of junk food and in particular things like salt, fat and sugar. The growing numbers of overweight and obese people in the world can be linked in your cause and effect essay to the growing consumption of junk food.

If the people who argue that global warming is dangerous are correct, then the world is in for catastrophic effects. It is easy to list what some scientists believe will happen to the planet if we do not take global warming seriously.

Even as a young person, if you exercise sensibly and regularly, you should find that good health is maintained and long life with a high standard of living awaits you. Of course that is not guaranteed but you will be able to build a case for the many benefits of sensible and regular exercise.

Sadly the world in many places is awash with illegal drugs. There is a huge demand for these products. There is any amount of information to show a cause and effect of becoming an illegal drug user.

Apart from the argument of global warming, there is a strong argument regarding flora and fauna being lost forever when deforestation becomes the norm. It is possible to link the growing population of the world to the chopping down of forests and from that action can come the cause-and-effect with so many species.

While it is possible to enjoy great benefits from the use of the Internet, it is also possible to do great harm. A typical example of this harm would be the work of bullies. Sadly there are many stories of people who have harmed themselves as a result of bullying via the Internet.

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