What Is Introductory Paragraph: Rules For Writing A Compelling Introduction.

Your introductory paragraph is the most important paragraph of your piece of work, if you fail to grab the interest of your reader in the first few lines then the chances are you are not going to get their interest back. They will either stop reading or just not take on board the content of your work.

You the have control to change this!

Make sure that you are using the correct tone for your writing. Some essays require a very formal tone. If you are unsure check with your tutor. You don't want to end up writing an introduction in an informal manner when you are trying to convince your reader that your work needs to be taken seriously.

Remind yourself of the purpose of the introductory papragraph.

  • It gets the reader interested.
  • It gives some general information.
  • It shows the reader what stance you are taking on the topic.

Start by thinking carefully about what you want to say about the topic. Engage the reader by being clear, concise and convincing! Choose your words very carefully. (Don't write 20 words when 5 will do). Your first two sentences should precis your topic and your position on the topic, what you support and what you do not support – your line of inquiry. In effect this should be your thesis.

Base your introduction around sound reasoning:

  • show the reader that you have really given your topic some in depth thought
  • show the reader that you have used your abilities to make deductions from your investigation.
  • Show the reader that your progression of thought has looked at the topic from at least two points of view.

Writing an Argument Essay?

  • Outline the structure of your paper.
  • Make reference to the sources you are going to use.
  • Highlight the oppositional viewpoints.
  • Determine the conclusions that you will discuss.

Writing an Exploratory Essay?

  • Highlight your thesis.
  • Make sure that your audience understands the reason behind your enquiry.
  • Give an overview.
  • Acknowledge the sources that you are going to use.

Writing a Research Paper?

  • Adopt a formal tone to your writing.
  • Provide an outline or the key aspects of the background to the research.
  • Touch on the opposing views.
  • Use the Introduction as an abstract and give recommendations based on your paper.

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