Pearl Harbor

Pearl harbour located in the islands of Oahu, where the harbor area and adjoining lands owned by United States (US) naval base. The pearls found within its waters suggested its name as “Pearl Harbor”. It is a natural landmark which was originally used by Hawaiians before it was adjoined to America. Identifying the greatest value of it, the US military created a naval base there in order to successfully organise their military activates. It is also identified as a easy reaching point to many Asian countries.

The Harbor became more popular among nations due to the sever attack that destruct the lives and properties of the whole nation. This surprise attack was launched by Japan in 1941 on 7th of December around 8 o` clock in the morning where most of the military officers were enjoying their holiday and some were ready to go to church since it was a Sunday. The major reason behind this was the restrictions that US government had against the expansion activities of Japan with Asia. Therefore Japan wanted to destroy the US`s naval power and weakened economic and political stability inside the country. Although they had achieved their goal, in return US declared war against Japan and it was the beginning of World War II.

The destruction it caused cannot value by money. There are people who are still suffering the deaths of their dear ones. Therefore even after 72 years, various states and organisations commemorate this day in honour of thousands of people who died due to the attack. As a part of their commemoration they produce a film in 2001 called “The Pearl Harbor” which marked some of the significance events of the attack. Today Pearl Harbor Memorial became one of the attraction places of tourists who are visiting the state of Hawaii. It facilitates the visitors to meet Harbor survivors, walk in the park and view the exhibits, purchase books and tapes and watch a film about the attack.

All these activities are good to commemorate this incident; at the same time it is important to think about how to protect these kinds of natural resources from bomb attacks in future and also how to rebuild the lives of the innocent victims and their family members. When reaching a conclusion it is obvious that geopolitical instability between nations is very harmful to human and property resources.

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