The Structure Of A Narrative Essay

A narrative paper/essay is normally written in the first person since it is about a personal story or experience. To make it interesting, the essay should use imagery and vivid details, it should be written in a way that will have an emotional impact on the reader and it should also include a lot of imagination. Below are some basic tips for dummies for the structure of this type of essay.

  • Introduction: Capture the reader’s attention by starting your story in a captivating way. You can begin with, a fact, question or a nice definition.
  • Set the picture: Give the reader a clear picture of where the story is taking place, when, who the characters are, is it fiction or did it actually happen to you?
  • Plot: Plots are blocks used to build the narrative structure. Choose the conflicts and characters to appear in the beginning of your story.
  • The body paragraph: A good story should have descriptions and details which will help the reader understand what the writer went through. Don’t use just one sense when writing the story. Using all the senses will give the reader more information.
  • Evidence: The events of the story prove the lesson learned and the importance of the event to you.
  • Narration style: Narrating the story in an organized way will give shape to what the reader sees and it controls the reader’s information.
  • Clarity: Use clear language when writing the essay to make it effective. The reader’s senses and emotions are evoked if a specific language is used by the writer.
  • Conclusion: It should have a closing action, what is the lesson and how will it affect the reader’s life.

Revise the essay

Students normally reorganize, review and modify their work so as to make the essay look good. Students should consider the below points when re-reading their essays.

    How is the choice of the words , is it informative or descriptive? Is it interesting and easy to read, or will it make the reader confused? Has the essay’s message been passed on to the reader and will they be able to identify with the conclusion?

A narrative essay should be well structured and it is up to the writer to know when to reveal the importance of the event. Structuring a narrative essay will not be a daunting task if you follow the important tips discussed in this topic.

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