How to succeed with your argumentative essay on abortion

An argumentative essay is always the best to sink your teeth into and spend quality time writing the paper. It is also one of the most difficult. You need to make a detailed, passionate, well reasoned argument about a topic, sometimes a topic you have no particular feelings about. Usually, your assignment deals with an issue that will create an emotional response and stir up a spirited debate. You professor is looking for thought provoking ideas, logical assumptions, deductions, and well supported arguments. This is not a research assignment where you simply regurgitate facts and statistics about a subject. You are encouraged, indeed required, to take a side and make a stance about the issue. In our society, one of the most volatile issues is abortion. This hot button topic has been around for decades, especially brought to the limelight with the United States Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade. When presented with an assignment to write an argumentative essay about abortion, you must gather all of your skills and talents as it will not be an easy task.

Give the foundation

This debate has raged for years, especially in the political arena. It is important that you discuss the origins of the debate, giving full and equal time to both pro-life and pro-choice sides of the issue. You need a full discussion of the build up to the landmark court case, discussing its ramifications, and the subsequent history of abortion. You can discuss the court’s role in the debate, how it has been shaped and molded depended on who is sitting on the bench. You will need to touch upon the political history of the debate, how the issues have been manipulated by politicians and activists alike for their own personal agenda. The most important thing is to give a complete and detailed account of both sides of the argument, covering as many issues contained within the framework of the topic of abortion as possible.

Choose a side

An argumentative essay is one in which you must take a position. In order to convince the reader your position is the correct one, you need to back it up with facts and evidence. An old trick put forth by many in the legal profession when making an argument is when you have the facts, argue the facts, when you have the evidence, argue the evidence, if you have neither, argue the emotional impact of the argument. Abortion is an issue with a number of facts, vast amounts of evidence, and a lot of emotional feelings. You must pick a side, and persuasively write why your opinion is the correct position this debate.

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