Where to find Expert-Written Examples of a 5 Paragraph Essay?

A five paragraph essay, can be quite challenging, and look harder than it is. This is especially true for those that are not used to writing essays. So finding an example of these can make a major difference between doing a good essay and not. Finding them, is very easy to do, and most students should have samples in their own personal library.

  1. 1. Writer’s Guides/ Style Handbooks
  2. 2. English Textbooks
  3. 3. School Site
  4. 4. Student Support Site

Writer’s Guides / Style Handbooks

Having these is as important as having one’s textbooks. A writer’s Guide, has pointers and writing guides the student will find useful throughout their time in school. The Style handbook, is something that when the student gets their books, they should also mark down what writing styles are listed in their Syllabus, just like they would their textbooks, and get them the same time. Both of these should be purchased when the student gets their textbooks. Then kept throughout their time in school. Both books have instructions, and guidelines for doing essays, and they also have many samples to go with their guides.

English Textbooks

English textbooks, as well as some others, will have samples of different types of essays. A student may have read a 5 paragraph essay in their biology textbook, as they sometimes use these as a teaching aid. Many of the science books do, in many of the textbooks, not all, but many. In the English textbook, it is almost common to find different types of essays, that a student can use for expert examples. As these are professionally written, and follow all the rules for that writing style. In English, it is more likely to be MLA, while in a science textbook, it can be, or any of the styles used in science.

School Site

Many schools, especially Colleges and Universities, will have some very well written essays for students to use as expert examples. These are written by previous students, that the Instructors seen as so well done, they could be used to help other students. These are professional quality essays, which is why they are used on the sites. They can also be in any style, and usually most styles used in the school are posted.

Student Support Sites

Always check them. I Buy Essay service uses experienced educators and best writing professionals to help students. Even with the tutorials and sample essays. The essays will follow all the rules, and procedures of the style they are written in.

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