Online identity theft

Online shopping is one of the most growing trends in the world. With the advent of smartphones, the internet world saw the greatest revolution of all times. The online vendors got a great target audience to cater and online buying and selling became the most earning industry. Almost everyone in America has an access to a computer or at least knows how to operate one. People rely too much on the technology and tend to get lazier. But there are some hidden side effects too. And you must be aware of them.

Online identity theft is when a person steals someone’s identification documents and uses them in online buying or related. There are two kinds of online identity theft. One is where there is a financial fraud and is most common among the two and the other is criminal activity. There is not much one can do to avoid being a victim of the online identity theft. It is rated as the number one crime in America. In most cases the victims know the criminal as one of their friends, relatives or a colleague at work. The use of one’s credit cards, bank statements, telecommunications, Taxes and various other scams come under the category of financial fraud. If a dangerous crime takes place by the use of one’s identification documents then that would be considered criminal activity. 42% of the consumer complaints received by the FTC comprised of identity theft. The government is trying to control this increasing crime, but due to the very reason that there is a very little chance of being caught, identity theft remains top crime in the United States. There are strict rules and laws against this crime that are supposed to scare the criminals but they don’t seem to do much. The victim in online identity theft may lose a large part of his income, go bankrupt, held accountable for the financial fraud and in worse cases may even be accused of the crime if he unfortunately does not have enough evidence to prove himself innocent.

Online identity theft is the largest growing crime in America and many other parts of the Europe. One cannot essentially avoid being a victim but there are some precautions that can help. Checking your credit status at least once a while and keeping all your important data and personal information at protected and secure sites will help.

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