The Top 10 Expository Essay Topics For High School

Expository essays use facts rather than opinions in order to explain the subject matter. Students are required to investigate and evaluate, putting forth all of their arguments in a concise and clear format and manner. This type of essay is most often used by teachers as part of the assessments that they do of each student. They are also used quite extensively in college so it is essential that students practice writing them so that they can be successful.

What is an expository essay

The purpose of an expository essay is to make your audience properly understand a topic. Once the topic has been chosen the student must introduce a specific fact and then elaborate on it with evidence provided. What makes these so easy to do is that there is need to argue a point. Choose a topic that is specific but not overly so. Once you get too specific it may be difficult to find the evidence you need. For example, if you were given the assignment to write about World War II, choose something specific that occurred during the war, such as Pearl Harbor, D-Day, or the Battle of the Atlantic. For the most powerful paper possible, make sure that you are able to grab the reader's attention right from your first paragraph, and that following paragraphs begin with a topic sentence.

The top 10 ideas

  1. Moving around: How are teenagers affected by moving around during their school years?
  2. Why parents have rules: What makes parents so strict and why do they enforce rules?
  3. Skipping School: What are the likely consequences to regular skipping?
  4. Why parents are uncomfortable around boyfriend/ girlfriends: What makes Moms and Dads uncomfortable around their child's boy/girlfriend?
  5. The animal "you": What animal would you like to be and why?
  6. Reasons for leaving school at the age of 16: Some students are forced by circumstances to leave school once they turn 16. What are the reasons for this?
  7. Teen suicide: Why are so many teens taking their own lives?
  8. Why are some teens materialistic?: Why do some teenagers only care about "things"?
  9. The consequences of selling drugs: What will happen to students who are caught selling drugs?
  10. Why some students do not say the daily pledge to the flag: Why are some teens uncomfortable pledging allegiance to the flag?

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