Top Argumentative Essay Topics For College: 25 Brilliant Ideas

An argumentative essay is one that allows you to defend a certain point of view. If you choose good topics that are suitable for your current college level and align with your own interests, you will compose great argumentative essays that have a touch of true inspiration.

Below, you can find a list of 25 interesting topics for college argumentative essays. You can choose any of them, if you like the subject and it meets your teacher’s demands and expectations. Remember that when choosing a topic, you need to make sure that you will be able to find enough reference material to help you ground your point of view and create strong arguments. Choose the topic that makes you feel eager to speak and find new interesting facts about it.

  1. Are the results of standardized tests trustworthy?
  2. Is it good for schools to offer monetary rewards for high grades and achievements?
  3. It is good when parents give their children money for each A they bring home from school?
  4. Do students spend too much time in school?
  5. Do schools boost students’ creativity to the fullest extent?
  6. Do students really need to be taught arts at school?
  7. Is it a good idea to allow teachers to use corporal punishment?
  8. Do school grades have any influence on one’s further life and career?
  9. Do we really need the education that we receive in college?
  10. Is there any practical use for social media?
  11. Is it true that social media spoils people’s communicative abilities?
  12. Can online learning eventually replace studying in class?
  13. Do companies violate your rights by collecting your personal data?
  14. Is it possible that digital books will soon replace paper ones?
  15. Has the accessibility of digital photography spoiled the very art of taking pictures?
  16. Do viewers find real satisfaction in watching rich people on TV?
  17. Is the Internet eventually overcoming the influence of television?
  18. Is graffiti a kind of art or merely spoiling street walls?
  19. Does everything that becomes massively popular in art lose its value?
  20. Should edited pictures of models in magazines be banned for the destruction of healthy beauty standards?
  21. Is it good that students still have gender-divided fraternities and sororities?
  22. Is there any difference in the friendship between boys and girls?
  23. Should gender-biased jokes really be treated as harassment?
  24. Has humanity already achieved equal rights for men and women?
  25. Should the protection of the environment become a primary concern for all societies in the world?

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