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As a college or high school student you know how important your academic grades are. You know when submitting essays to your teacher or tutor how important their marking will be. There are three main aspects to every essay you write.

  • Are they technically correct?
  • Have you answered the question?
  • Are they well written?

Spell checking

Writing your essay is easy to edit because when you finish you click on a spell checking program and look for the words you have spelled incorrectly. But there are problems here. Sometimes spell checkers don't pick up certain words and particularly not foreign words. And then there are other technical mistakes which are possible. You could have made a syntax error or used poor grammar. Will one of your software programs pick up these mistakes?

Answer the question

Oh no, you haven't answered the question. This is sadly a common flaw of many students. They carry out plenty of proper research, they write well in an error-free essay but they still cop a low-grade because they don’t answer the question. This is where another expert pair of eyes will not only come in handy, they can completely save you from disaster. The value of a good editor should never be underestimated. By all means write as well as you can but always understand that improvement comes with polish and good editing.

The flow of your words

The writing of an essay without typos and grammatical errors and one which even directly answers the question is fine. However, do the words flow? Have you expressed your ideas in a clear and sensible fashion? Once again having a trained and experienced editor look over your essay could give it a serious boost in grading.

There are a number of essay editing companies online. Search for these companies and investigate them. You want an experienced editor. You want an editor who can look at all aspects of your essay including the spelling, grammar, the flow of words and in particular whether or not you have answered the question being asked.

Check their fees, check their experience and check the testimonials from their previous clients. Remember not everyone is a natural and fantastic writer. Your best efforts might still be able to be improved and that improvements can mean all the difference between an average and a really good grade. The right editor can make a serious difference.

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