How A Good Essay Example Can Prevent You From Wasting Your Time

To maximize your time and effort finding a good essay example can really help. In order or find a good essay example that meets your needs you need to following a few tips.

You have options:

  • Ask your tutor if they have some examples of good essays that they would share with you. Ideally your tutor should have already demonstrated this to the class. It can be very difficult to learn what to do if you do not have some form of practical or tangible demonstration to work from and writing is no exception to this.
  • Go to the school library and see if the librarian can direct you to some good examples. They may have access to past examples or they may be able to suggest book that contains some good examples. The only problem with this is that the examples may be outdated as they have gone through a printing and binding process and that takes time.
  • Have a look at what is available online. To do this you need to be selective over what web sites you use, remember that again you have choices.

Online choices:

  • Homework sites. There are several good websites that offer support for the student. They can offer tutor support, bite sized learning programmes and essay examples. Be careful to choose a website that meets your needs for the type of essay you want (descriptive or process etc.), and at the level you will be writing at (grade or year). Ideally there may be some pointers for you to follow as well, such as the overall layout of the essay; how to write a good paragraph and basic grammar support.
  • Essay Writing services. These are well worth checking out. Work out the specifics of what you are looking for otherwise you will waste more time than you really need. By being specific you will be able to quickly target what you are looking for. Make sure that the web site is offering free examples. You may need to open an account, but this does not mean parting with personal or bank details. Don't just look at one essay be selective and pick out two or three that may meet your requirements. Look at the way the author has treated the topic and decide if their treatment of the topic could be improved on at all (your turn to become an editor).
  • Utube demonstrations. It is always worth looking to see if there are some demonstrations on essay writing. Most of them are informative, well planned and very useful.

Happy Writing

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