College essay examples can be found online

It is a common practice in colleges and universities and higher learning institutions for a person to write a college application essay. Since the essay can be the determining factor in a student’s application process, it should be written in an impressive and convincing manner. For a student who needs to write the essay, should get as much information as possible about how to write. One way through which a person can learn about college essay writing is by looking at written college essay examples. Fortunately, there are a number of online sources through which person can learn about college essay writing. These include:

a. Official website of the college that one is applying in

When the college admission boards are calling for student applicants, they post instructions that student applicants need to follow. Along with the admission essay most colleges post well written and poorly written application essays on their websites. The well written essays are posted to serve as examples of what is expected. The poorly written essays are posted so as to inform the applicant of what to avoid. By looking at these essays a person can be able to see and learn how to write and even structure an application essay.

b. College digital libraries

Many colleges have got online libraries that have academic literature and publications. When students write thesis and essays that are impressive, they are often archived in those libraries. By going through the digital library of a college or higher learning institution, one can access thesis and essays written by former students of the institution. Those essays can provide ideal illustrations on how different type of essays and thesis work should be written. Also the libraries have got text books and lecture note on English literature and composition writing. These provide informative guides on how to write essays, and they provide relevant illustrations.

c. Academic writing companies

Many online academic and homework help companies provide advice on how to write good college essays. You can pay for essay and forget about the problem. But most importantly, they provide teaching materials online, which often includes examples of good written essays. The companies often have thousands of original essays that they have written in their data base. By contracting an online academic writing company, a person will therefore get access to several examples of college essays. There are also other avenues that a person can get example of college essays from, such as education blogs and writers forums.

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