Writing An Interesting Long Essay On Environmental Pollution

Environmental pollution is a trendy topic

Environmental pollution is a global phenomenon. It is affecting every life on the planet earth. If you are assigned to write a long essay on this relevant topic, take it as a challenge. One thing is for sure that you don’t need to add fluff in your article- as there is so much to write down about environmental pollution that even 3,000 words are not enough.

5 tips to write an interesting and long essay on environmental pollution

  • Choose a side that you are most comfortable with
  • Environmental pollution is a multi-faceted phenomenon. If you are given the broad genre of environmental pollution, then you should narrow the topic down for your own benefits. You may discuss the effects of pollution on city dwellers or on marine life. Pick a side that evokes your interest and on which- you would be able to write more than thousands words with moderate ease.

  • Do a thorough groundwork
  • Visit the library and read up important excerpts from the relevant books. Do Google search for more relevant information? If it’s a lengthy article, you need to come up with at least 4-5 key points. Note down crucial points- if you are in the library. For online investigation, open up a MS word and add the points there.

  • Prepare an outline for the essay
  • If your motto is to write a lengthy article, then this mere thought may bog you down initially. To overcome this fear, a definite outline has to be in front of you. In the final draft- you should incorporate the proper headings but for the outline, you may use the points as the make-shift headings .Under them, write the relevant arguments.

  • Write the essay respecting a deadline
  • If you need one day to write minimum 3,000 words on environmental pollution, then take it. But don’t exceed it as for elaborate pieces of writing, we tend to drag endlessly. For introduction, the main body and conclusion- segregate the whole time-line accordingly. While writing, don’t think too much about the style, grammar or exaggeration. You will always get to mend them later. But if you take a pause to re-think, it may hamper your flow.

  • Stretch the potential points to lengthen the piece
  • When the end is near, if you feel that you will fail to touch the word-limit; then don’t go helter-skelter. Pick up 1 or 2 points that have potential for further development. Stretch them by back-up statistics and facts. Your article shall be a lengthy one definitely.

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