Essay writing topics for high school students

If you are a high school student and keen to win a place in college, then one of the hurdles you will have to get over is to write an excellent essay. There are many publications and websites which detail the structure of a well written essay; such things as the introduction, the middle section where you stress the main points and finally the conclusion which is a summary of your argument.

But there is a very important tip, which if taken, can help every high school student do better in their essay writing. Here’s the tip. Choose the right topic.

What is the right topic?

Of course the right topic for one student will not be the right topic for another. There is no such thing as the perfect topic for every student. The tip is that you choose the topic that is right for you. What does that mean?

Well having an interest or better still a passion in the subject is a terrific idea. If you select an essay topic in which you have no previous experience or in which you have no interest, then you are far more likely to write in a dull and un-enthusiastic tone. This will show up in your grade results. Naturally you want the highest grade possible so therefore choose an essay topic which:

  • you have a good grounding or knowledge in
  • you have a real passion and belief in
  • you feel very strongly about

This does not restrict you in any real way. There must be a number of topics in which you have experience. There must be a number of topics about which you feel really strongly. There must be a number of topics which cover your beliefs. List these topics. Under each heading write three or four points that you know about already without doing any research. From this mini essay list, which one or ones stand out?

There you have it, your essay writing topics for your high school course. Remember though that no matter how passionate or experienced about a subject you are, you still need to follow the basic rules. You must write clearly and without errors in syntax or grammar. You must be able to argue both sides of the coin. You must follow the accepted layout of an essay with an introduction, middle section and conclusion. But if you are knowledgeable in a topic and better still have a real passion for it, then that topic may well be the best topic for your essay writing in high school.

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