Fresh Ideas For College Students: What Are Some Good Persuasive Essay Topics?

College students can have it hard as studying is not easy, especially if you want to keep your grades high. Essay writing can be particularly challenging because it can be hard to choose a good topic for your paper when you are stressed.

If you find yourself in a situation like this, the following suggestions should be enough to inspire you:

  1. Dependence on technology is dangerous.
  2. Sexual content on television should be strictly regulated.
  3. Lottery system is detrimental for the economy.
  4. Cloning is unethical and unnatural.
  5. There is no privacy left in the world because of the Internet.
  6. Capital punishment should be reinstated.
  7. There should be stricter anti-pornography laws in our society.
  8. Schools kill creativity in children.
  9. College education is not worth the money.
  10. Cigarette smoking in public areas should be banned.
  11. Juvenile criminals should be tried under the same laws as adults.
  12. Violent video games don’t make people violent, they offer an emotional outlet.
  13. Internet marketing made traditional ads obsolete and ineffective.
  14. Terrorists should always face capital punishment for their crimes.
  15. Popular comedy shows negatively affect people’s sense of humor.

How to Choose the Perfect Topic for You

There are hundreds of issues you can choose to write about in your persuasive essay. To choose the topic that will suit you best, you need to remember what factors need to be considered when making this decision.

Educational value of the subject.

Your essay must teach the readers something important. If it doesn’t, you will not get full marks for this assignment.


The issue you choose to focus on must be relevant today. This will earn you some extra points and draw more attention to your paper.

Personal interest.

You have to be truly interested in the subject as this will help you motivate yourself to do your best. Your passion about it should seep into your words and make the paper much stronger.


Think about that the people who will read your paper are interested in. As this is a persuasive essay, you should try not to antagonize them. Express your ideas and arguments in a neutral way without offending the opposition. This will not only make you look more mature and professional, but will also save you from being criticized by your teacher who might share those opposing views.


Every academic paper should be based on solid facts. Do some preliminary research to determine whether you will have enough evidence to write a good essay.

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