A quick tutorial on how to write an essay in APA format

When you write it is important that you have a thorough outline. It might also bode well to create a template in the format required before you start writing. That way you can just copy and paste your completed sections when you are done. Make sure you actually answer the question or address the topic. You do not want to spend your precious time working on a project only to realize you misread the topic initially or you veered so far away from your thesis that you cannot find your way back.

When you revise your work you want to give yourself enough time to do it properly. Good presentation with any paper is important so you want to find any lingering typos. Make sure you follow all of the guidelines as per the format and style guide so that your paper is professional. Nothing will put a reader in a bad mood as quickly as an unprofessional looking paper that does not adhere to the format. Therefore it is well worth taking the time to get your layout correct.

Double check that you have all of your sources properly cited inside of the text. As a good rule of thumb you should include a citation every time you have a quote or mention a statistic or figure or fact of any kind. Chances are this information came from somewhere whether it was your personal work or that of another. Make sure the reference page is on par too. This is very time consuming because every type of document or source is styled differently and within that there are different styles based on the number of authors or contributing authors. If you have an unusual resource such as a government powerpoint slide you will need to leave yourself enough time to read through the format guide and make sure you have every period in its place and every comma. If you are struggling with this there are resources beyond the style guide. You can contact:

  • Your professor
  • Your classmates
  • Online resources
  • Your school library

While you work it is important that you keep saving your results and leave room to edit or scurry to a library computer for extra help. That means you should save extra copies on cloud systems or send the work you have done for the day to your email each time you write or work on the project that way you can access your progress from anywhere should your computer have any issues.

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