Diversionary Programs For Women And Girls

Increase in the number of crimes committed by women prompted development of various diversionary programs for female offenders. This is a huge step forward for the society, because a few years back all similar programs were designed only for males. This policy promotes equality between genders.

Diversion programs are a type of sentence given for misdemeanors and minor offenses. They allow the culprit to avoid criminal charges. The person can keep a clean record while still getting some measure of punishment. Participating in this program allows the offender a second chance. Considering that they came close to the threat of criminal punishment and can understand the risks and assess the consequences, people will be more likely to appreciate the opportunity they have been given. This is why diversionary programs effective, even despite the fact that the punishment they inflict is not traumatizing.

There are several diversion programs aimed towards women and girls. They are usually run by local police departments and district attorney’s offices. The requirements of the programs differ from county to county.

Usually, they entail the following:

  • - Classes and other educational programs that aim to prevent repeat of the crime.
  • - Compensating the victims or the community.
  • - Various kinds of community service.
  • - Probation period that may include being prohibited from visiting certain places or meeting some people. This is done to minimize the risk of future offences by the members of the diversion program.
  • - Counseling sessions that aim to help the offender understand the reasons that made her commit the crime. This allows women to find solutions to the personal issues that pushed them to the offence.

Regardless of the fact that diversion programs for women and girls show some positive results, a great number of people are skeptical about them. There are many communities that do not support these practices, thereby denying female offenders a chance to redeem themselves without being prosecuted for minor misdemeanors. However, the number of those opposing to diversion programs for females is gradually reducing. This proves that the society is getting closer to actually making both genders equal in their rights.

The proof of the efficiency of diversion programs is undeniable. Therefore, it is reassuring to see that today we can see these programs to be developed for women and girls. Previously they had no chance to repay their debt to the community without being legally prosecuted. Today they can stand equal with men who have been using the privilege of diversion programs for years.

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