How To Write A Good Visual Analysis Essay

One of the basic criteria for art history classes is the creation of a visual analysis essay. A visual analysis essay is designed to describe your perception of a work of art. It will discuss the various elements and how they fit together. You will have to understand the terminology that is used to describe art in order to write an effective visual analysis essay.

This type of essay is different from other essays. There will be no need for a topic or a thesis statement. The idea is to simply interpret the visual and explain it to the reader. Many students struggle with this type of essay but if you follow these steps, you should be able to master it.

  1. 1. Study the artwork
  2. The first step will be to study the artwork that you are going to write your essay on. You can jot down any ideas that come to your head as you study it. It can be anything that comes to mind. You should write down how the artwork makes you feel. Think about what the theme could be or what message the piece is trying to portray.

  3. 2. Write down some aspects
  4. Start writing down some of the aspects that you observed. Look at the texture, hue, emotion, background, color, composition, and borders. Jot down any details that stand out to you.

  5. 3. Ask yourself questions
  6. There are some important questions that you should ask yourself about. You can ask what the object is in the artwork and whether it is animate or inanimate. Ask yourself about what era it is from and what type of material is used. You can determine reasons why the piece may have been created.

  7. 4. Identify any motifs or symbols
  8. You can now decide if the piece has a symbol or motif that it is trying to portray through the piece. This will be a major section of your paper so make sure that you develop your thoughts in this area.

Once you have all of your ideas on paper, you can start to organize your ideas so that they have a nice flow. The idea is to find a logical way to present the information to your reader. Create an outline so that you can organize your ideas and then you can start writing. Be sure to not only list the information but to analyze it as well.

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