How to write a biographical essay that would amaze

Know you are writing about

Before writing a bibliography, you should know what you are writing about. Bibliography is basically a narrative sketch or a discussion about a literature note. It is mostly written on historical personalities. People write bibliography on their lives to share their life stories and experiences with the rest of the world.

Collect information

It is easier to write on your own self rather than writing on a historical personality. Draw an informative sketch of your achievements, promotions, the awards you were awarded with and your life experience. Other details like your birth place and family members etc

Conduct a research before writing

It is necessary to study before writing. The sources for the search could be

  • Online search
  • College library
  • History/timeline of the person
  • Other trustworthy sources
  • Help from your history professor

Don’t forget to include important quotations.

If you are writing on some specific personality, collect the basic information about his life and remarkable life events. Try to find less known facts about him.

Revise your work

You need to read your work more than twice. This would help you in rectifying mistakes, at your first attempt, read deeply and where ever you find any mistake or find any un-organized work, save them in your mind. While going through your work second time, you should keep a pen and a paper to make proper notes and could be able to organize your work more accurately and professionally. The structure you have made should represent what you want to represent.

Ask a friend to read it

Asking a friend’s opinion would really be helpful to you as it would be neutral. When you are done with your revisions and editing phase and your sketch is ready to show this to world. You should ask a friend to judge it, before submitting it. He could tell you whether the essay is exactly what it should be like, or if it needs some improvements. Further opinions could be asked from

  • An expert grammarian could help you in editing your work
  • Moreover you can ask an expert, who has already worked on it
  • You can take help from a history professor, or any of your teachers who has knowledge on the subject


  • Go through other biographical researches before you start writing
  • Conduct a detailed research on biography
  • Take help from libraries
  • Online web resource could be helpful
  • Someone who could help in grammar, punctuation and editing

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